Epilogue 2023

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With 2023 ebbing away as I type, I deeply wanted to write something poetic and ending-like. If I reflect back on the year, I remember the good and the not so good. I’ll say that we at the Hobbit House are well, busy and still don’t have an extension built onto our house. But we saw friends from far away this year. We hiked some, traveled to Colorado, ate a lot of delightful food and, the dog has not killed any endangered wildlife…that we know of. How much richer can life be?

Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert (or somewhere in between), you can’t go wrong when you have friends and we feel lucky to have good people surrounding us. Walking friends, restaurant-going friends, pals who just stop by, amigos without egos. Bocce playing chums, beer afficionado mates, tai chi buds, gather-outdoors-and-gab-over-warm-beverages friends. Friends who chat with us on the streets of our neighborhood and those who drive some distance to meet up with us. We are truly blessed. So that was our 2023, the year of great friends.

Onward to 2024. I plan to be extra busy. I’ve been offered the opportunity to teach three classes for Land of Sky Regional Council’s healthy aging programs. Tai chi, of course. Also A Matter of Balance and a walking program. This sounds like a lot to me, but I will spread it out a bit so as to not overwhelm myself. The opportunity to meet new people and make new friends always excites me. I also plan to dip my hands deeper into the vast and varied vat of publishing. That might sound lofty, but it’s not. Internal Circus Publications is expanding to add a second blog–this one for a women’s writing group. I’ll keep you all informed because if you subscribe, you get more than just my rambling nonsense to read.

At this point, I have no plans to “discover” Antarctica or start a multi-million dollar publishing empire. I want only to learn new arts and hike and play as much as possible. I wish for you to follow your dreams, plans and opportunities by any means you deem appropriate. Drop me a line, call me out on Facebook or show up at my door. I want to hear from you. As I write, it is the longest night of the year, but tomorrow the days start to get longer and the light brighter. Let it lead the way. Happy New Year from the Hobbit House inhabitants!



  1. Have a happy 2024! Ma your dreams come true!

  2. My friend Cheryl. I love all that u write and ponder and propose for 2024. I look forward to being one of the walking buds, drinking buds, writing buds and maybe even tai chi buds. Here’s to a happy healthy new year. Cheers

  3. PS I wrote at 7 pm. Not at midnight as the post seems to think

    • Word Press is omnipotent when it comes to telling time. Maybe some day I’ll figure out how to thwart its decision as to what time it is!

  4. Thank you for all the entertaining and informative “Living with Ethel” writings…since April 2019 I notice – I know 2024 will have you developing new interests and skills, because that is what you do every year, and the world is a better place for you and your internal circus – you are the best!

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