Guest Writers

Once in a while I need a break from writing. I encourage anyone with a story to tell to send it to me for consideration in the blog. It should not be too long. It should not be too short. It should be just the right length of a good report. It could be about your mamas or even your weird pajamas. You may write in a way that’s analytical, but please, just nothing too political. We want to hear of your triumphs or failings, but nothing so gruesome as vampire impalings (just kidding–all vampire stories welcome).

You can email it, or put it in a boat and sail it. Drone delivery would be the most fun, as long as it gets here when all said is done. Get writing my friends, don’t hesitate. Have a good time while you strive to create a memorable tale for the blog potentate (that’s me btw).

Cheryl, LWE Scribe and Editor

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