About Us

Living with Ethel weekly posts are written by Cheryl Perry in a small office in Asheville, North Carolina.  Once she was asked to “sing boldly” during church choir rehearsal. Being the smart-ass she was raised to be, she began to do her mother’s famous impersonation of Ethel Merman, belting out sacred verse like a bold Broadway entertainer, giving herself both a shot of mom and a healthy dose of Ethel.  Good friend and choir mate Suz thought this was appropriately bold and joined in.  This was not appreciated by the choir director.

Suz and Cheryl decided that Ethel deserved a happier vehicle.  They called upon their three musical friends Jennifer, Jennifer and Jennifer (aka Jen) and Bad Ethel (the band) was formed.  While the band is no longer in existence, Ethel’s bold essence still remains within them, ever ready to be called upon to empower them to action.  Singing is always optional.

These articles are meant to help you find the bold woman (or man or person) in you and to look for the beauty, joy and humor throughout all the mundane and difficult moments of life.  Bringing forth your inner Ethel is not about singing (though be prepared if that spontaneously happens!).  It is about finding your own voice and expressing it in a way that will be heard.  Sing bad Ethel, sing!

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