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Yes, it is NOT Tuesday, but I wanted to share some treasure with you. Below you will find the link to The Official Blog of the Asheville Women Writers Co-operative, aka The Scribble Sisters. Our first story has been posted and is ready for you to enjoy, relate to and agressively nod in agreement with. The author is Shelly Mozlin, who has been a guest writer on this blog over the past couple of years.

This new blog will be featuring works by the writers in the co-op, women who enjoy putting their thoughts on paper, so to speak. These new-fangled writing machines have killed a lot of sayings in the writing world, but I’m guessing the Scribble Sisters are capable of coining new phrases to cover authoring in the electronic age. If you enjoy it, consider subscribing so that you receive each story in your email inbox.

Here’s the link:


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