Paid Time Off


As life gets busy again, I find myself in need of a temporary respite from the generative process. I’m not sure if this is the result of two years of not being very busy outside the home or if I have shifted in priorities. Going out and being among others now seems more important than spending hours at my desk writing about life’s circumstances and releasing the creative juices of my circus-like mind. Because of the limitations I felt necessary to impose upon myself for the sake of my well-being over the past two years, I had time to indulge the creative edge of my personality more than I ever have in the past. This has felt like a gift.

Now I can feel a shift in the universal energies as I find more opportunities to play outside with my friends and acquaintances. It’s getting warmer and I don’t have to wear as many layers of clothing just to be able to walk out my door. Winter is fading with its cold and windy, dark hours and I suddenly find myself wanting to skip sitting at my computer and take leave to cavort in the sunlight. Well, as much cavorting as I can manage without hurting myself.

I will be taking a break from all this mad scribbling to allow for some adventurous endeavors. I find it remarkable that the energy I get from wandering further afield often feeds the need to sit down and write it all out to share with you. I can’t predict the timing of this magic or the quality of the adventures and the subsequent reporting, but I know they work together in inexplicable ways that feed my soul and make life wondrous. Maybe I’ll even find time for more naps!

Until we meet again,


(seriously, not meaning to be so melodramatic, it will probably be about 3 weeks)


  1. enjoy your break – let’s cavort 🙂

  2. Rollick away! Take good notes though.

  3. Breaks can be good. ❤️

  4. Cavorting is good, glad to help in any way possible.

  5. We will miss your “mad scribblings,” but we understand that the creative muse must be nurtured. Glad to see you’re taking care of yourself. Enjoy!

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